M5 East Motorway

Safety in Tunnels

For tunnel safety information, refer to the Roads and Maritime Services website.

Download PDF document Height limits, road grades, dangerous goods, on/off ramps (PDF Document, 260KB)

Tunnel safety

Sydney’s road tunnels are built to strict safety standards.

To minimise the risk to motorists in the unlikely event of a serious incident, the M5 East has safety features that include:

  • Emergency broadcasts through your vehicle’s radio and/or a public address system.
  • Electronic message boards to deliver important safety messages.
  • Identified emergency exits.
  • Flashing lights to guide you to emergency exits.
  • Emergency phones to connect you with the tunnel control room.
  • Fire extinguishers and emergency phones located at least every 60 metres.
  • Deluge water sprays or sprinklers for use in a fire.
  • Emergency barriers at tunnel entry points to stop vehicles driving into a hazardous situation.
  • 24 hour monitoring via Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and incident response teams on stand-by.

More information about safety in Sydney’s major road tunnels is available from the Roads and Maritime Website, click here.

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M5 East Motorway, New South Wales, Australia

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