Air Quality

The main tunnel is longitudinally ventilated by a system of 146 jet fans and 18 axial fans, which continuously operates to dilute vehicle emissions that are generated within the tunnel.

Fresh outside air is constantly drawn into the tunnel from each of the tunnel portals, and an air intake plant located at Duff Street, Arncliffe, delivers outside air to the mid-point of the main tunnel.

All of the air that enters the main tunnel is captured near the middle of the tunnel and is dispersed through a 35 metre high ventilation outlet located in Turrella.

Air quality inside and outside the main tunnel is continuously monitored. A network of air quality sensors are located throughout the tunnel and within the ventilation outlet to ensure air quality is constantly maintained.

Five ambient air quality monitoring stations are located in the Wolli Creek area, which collects meteorological and air quality data of the local area. The M5 East Motorway has been operating in accordance with the Planning Minister’s approval for the project since it opened in December 2001.

More information about M5 East air quality is available on the Transport for NSW M5 East air quality page.


Map of the M5 East ambient air quality stations

Removal of jet fan for maintenance