D5 detour sign

When the M5 East Motorway is closed for maintenance, a suggested detour route is sign-posted between General Holmes Drive, Mascot, and King Georges Road, Beverly Hills. This alternative route is signposted as ‘D5’ along its length. 





Emergency exits

Illuminated exit sign

Emergency exit signs are signs automatically turned on in an emergency. They are off at all other times.

There are directional emergency exit signs every 30 metres, which guide you towards the closest safe exit point. 





Emergency phones

Emergency phone sign

Emergency phone lights are turned on at all times. Emergency phones are located every 60 metres in the tunnel.






Variable speed limit signs


These signs are placed in various locations in the tunnel, on the open motorway and on bridges. The speed limit displayed on variable speed limit signs is enforceable and must be obeyed.






Tunnel ahead sign


The "Tunnel Ahead" sign is a Transport for NSW advisory sign.







Travel time

Travel time information is available on the M5 East Motorway.

The travel time system uses electronic message signs to display the estimated length of time it should take to reach upcoming motorway off ramps based on the current traffic flow. Travel time estimates are updated every three minutes to reflect the current travel conditions.

Typical travel time messages will include two approaching motorway off ramps with estimated times as shown in the example on the right.