M5 East Motorway

Maintenance Update – AUGUST 2014

The M5 East Freeway was closed for scheduled, essential night time maintenance work from the 10/08/2014 – 13/08/2014.During this closure period, Leighton Contractors Pty Limited, on behalf NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) completed all planned, preventative and corrective works. Various maintenance activities were conducted as part of the extensive Freeway maintenance program. The main activities carried out during the August closure period included:

  • Repair works to damaged in-tunnel Wall Panels
  • Repair works to overheight vehicle damaged HPS Lighting (the brighter, transitional lights generally at the entry and exit portals)
  • Inspections and maintenance of In Tunnel Air Quality Sensors
  • Installation of brackets for new Air Quality Sensors to be installed.
  • Inspections of the drip trays which have been installed within the M5 East Main Tunnel
  • Repair works to Tunnel Message Signs
  • Monthly inspection of Substation Ventilation Fans
  • Fire proofing and yearly inspections of the Tunnel Damper at the Western Crossover point
  • 6-monthly and annual inspections of the major and minor Uninterruptable (Emergency) Power Supply
  • Jet Fan mechanical inspections and maintenance works including greasing and cable installation
  • Crossover Fan maintenance works including wind thermistors
  • Hydro-demolition work at Pump Pit 1 (westbound immediately west of the main tunnel) as part of the pit lid reinstallation works package
  • Replacement of bolts and filter mesh in Pump Pit 2
  • Water blasting to remove debris from pipes at Pump Pit 5
  • Repair works to fire response Deluge Valves within the East Bound Main Tunnel
  • Maintenance works to Cross Passage Emergency Access Doors
  • Maintenance of in-tunnel equipment room air conditioning units

Other planned maintenance activities also conducted during this closure included:

  • Emptying of drainage trash racks along the M5 East
  • Landscaping works including grass cutting, slope mowing, tree trimming and weed management
  • Road sweeping
  • Cleaning of in tunnel Wall Panels

HPS Lighting within the M5 East Tunnel Photo 1: HPS Lighting within the M5 East Tunnel. HPS lighing is the brighter, transitional lighing used at the tunnel entry and exit portals to allow our eyes time to adjust to the darker in-tunnel or brighter day time outside conditions when entering or exiting the M5 East Tunnel.

Crossover Fan maintenance works including wind thermistors

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M5 East Motorway, New South Wales, Australia

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