M5 East Motorway

Maintenance Update – JUNE 2016

The M5 East Motorway was closed for scheduled, essential night time maintenance work from the 19th – 22nd June. During this closure period, Ventia, on behalf NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) completed all planned, preventative and corrective works as part of the extensive Motorway maintenance program. The activities carried out during the June closure period included:

  • Carry out bridge asset assessment
  • Inspection and maintenance of cross passages
  • Inspection and maintenance of carriageway and tunnel signage
  • Inspection and maintenance of overheight barriers
  • Inspection and maintenance of vehicle crossover bollards
  • Inspection and maintenance of energy absorbing barriers
  • Inspection and maintenance of bridge expansion joints
  • Inspection and cleaning of tunnel drainage pit grates, pit covers and spoon drains
  • Landscaping, including batter grass cutting, tree trimming and litter collection
  • Tunnel lighting inspection/repairs/maintenance
  • Tunnel wall panel and trash rack cleaning
  • Jet fan greasing
  • CCTV repairs and cleaning
  • Inspection of pumps in Pump Pit 4
  • Cable tray repairs
  • Air quality sensor calibration
  • Deluge system repairs (leaks)

Project work conducted during the period included:

  • Inspection and maintenance of in-tunnel airconditioning units
  • Works for Supply Fan Refurbishment Program at Duff St

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M5 East Motorway, New South Wales, Australia

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