M5 East Motorway

Spill Incident – DECEMBER 2014

On 15 December 2014, a chemical spill incident occurred during peak hour on the M5 East Motorway, just before the westbound Cooks River Crossing tunnel. A truck driver lost part of his load, which was a 1,000L container containing Sodium bisulfite. Sodium bisulfite is typically used as a food additive and is classed as ‘non-hazardous’.

The M5 East Motorway Control Centre immediately closed the westbound lanes where the incident occurred. Fire and Rescue NSW including the HAZMAT team, the NSW Police Force and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) attended the incident. The spill was neutralised and a specialist asphalting team were dispatched to repair the road surface, which was damaged by the chemical.

The westbound lanes of the Motorway were repaired and reopened to traffic at 5:00 am the following morning.

The EPA commended the M5 East team on their quick actions when dealing with the chemical spill.

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M5 East Motorway, New South Wales, Australia

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